Nathaniel Fischer wins December’s Everyday Hero Award


Ryan Trick

Nathaniel Fischer

Crimson Staff

Nate has demonstrated a consistent effort to extend kindness towards several students within the building, however it is his display of inclusion and compassion for one student with special needs in particular that has impressed us the most. Nate has not allowed typical peer pressure to influence his daily actions and instead acts on his own convictions. It is refreshing to see that a great deal of Nate’s character has been based on his work ethic and appreciation for what he has. Nate has a maturity beyond his years. He is thoughtful in his decision-making and considers first what is in his or others best interest over what would have seemed more desirable. Nathaniel is a modest young man whose humility and charity have really deemed him an Every Day Hero.
Nathaniel will be receiving a gift certificate from Nicoletta Pizzeria in Bernardsville in recognition of this accomplishment.