Olivia Rodrigo’s GUTS Tour content leaves some fans concerned

Olivia Rodrigos outfits may be considered inappropriate to younger audiences
Olivia Rodrigo’s outfits may be considered inappropriate to younger audiences
Ella Patel

Olivia Rodrigo’s 2024 GUTS World Tour has left some of her fans perturbed. During opening night of her tour, she opened with “Welcome to the first f*cking night of the GUTS World Tour!”– leaving fans shocked at her choice of words.

Since the start of her tour on February 23rd, fans have been questioning Olivia’s audience. Starting her career with High School Musical the Musical the Series and then releasing SOUR as her first album, Olivia’s audience seems to be younger than intended.

At her concert in Palm Springs on February 20th, Olivia shared with fans that because she had just turned 21, “I went to the gas station the other day and bought a pack of cigarettes and a six-pack of beer. I promise I didn’t consume it, but I just bought it because I could.”

Fans are currently outraged at the targeted audience for this concert and show. Small girls are seen at Olivia’s concerts, where their parents are then shocked and concerned by the choreography and language that are used during the shows.

Reddit user “JustADadTrying22642” posted a long-winded explanation after his experience at the concert, telling fans that he made his children leave the show early due to the nature of the performance. He shares, “I assumed that the Olivia Rodrigo tour would be similar to the Taylor Tour, however, it was very sexual with Olivia wearing very revealing outfits and gestures such as grabbing her chest multiple times throughout the tour, humping the air, and a lot of the lyrics that are sexual in nature.”

The nature of Olivia and her shows seems to be controversial, yet the pop star’s audience is not intended for younger viewers. Many social media posts similar to the aforementioned complaint have been put into the public recently, all of which include small children being taken to the concerts and parents being outraged at the type of music performed.

Admittedly, “JustADadTrying22642” shares that he understands it is his fault for not researching the concert beforehand, but he assumed he was safe to take his children to the concert due to “her history” as a children-safe actor.

The pop star’s second album— GUTS— sings about her relationships and also features an explicit label on the majority of her songs. Fans were initially outraged at the release of her album when “All American B*tch” was on the tracklist, but that seems to have been forgotten by the time her tour rolled around.

With Olivia just having turned 21, though, fans seem too concerned with the age range of these concerts and who they are meant to be performed for. The age range at her concerts is small girls from elementary school all the way until people in their 30’s who all listen to Olivia and have shared on social media that they are huge fans.

The concern of parents in regard to their children’s exposure through this tour so far has been very public, and a lot of them are overreacting and blaming Olivia for their lack of research of the show. Her SOUR tour had wristbands at several of the shows, where the bouncers/security checked IDs at the entrance of each of the shows and gave out wristbands. This alone should have been enough of a deterrent for these parents.

The overwhelming need for children to grow up and experience the adult activities of their parents and older siblings has played a big part in this situation, too. Not every concert is for kids— especially not one from a singer who talks of stolen boyfriends, drinking and smoking, and other 21+ activities.

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