Young Sheldon returns for a seventh season

Opening image for the introduction of every Young Sheldon episode
Opening image for the introduction of every Young Sheldon episode
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Young Sheldon is a sitcom that was originally released in September of 2017 and has released 6 seasons over 6 years. Starting in February, CBS has started releasing weekly episodes of season 7. The show is based on the popular sitcom The Big Bang Theory. In Young Sheldon, we see the main character, Sheldon, grow from a young boy to a teenager throughout the seasons.

The show has been popular for the last 7 years and is a fan favorite amongst people of all ages including Ava Highland ‘24 who “love[s] Young Sheldon because all of the characters are very unique in positive ways, but they come together for a non-stop funny series.”

Season 7’s first episode released on February 15th of this year and features Sheldon and his mother, Mary, in Germany. The rest of his family is seen at home recovering from the Tornado that destroyed Meemaw’s (Sheldon’s grandma) house in the last episode of season 6. In this episode, we see Missy step up as a parental figure even at her young age. With her mother away in Germany, it is obvious that Georgie (Sheldon’s brother) or her father will not take charge, which leaves Missy to fill the role. Missy does a better job of keeping their house in check than her mother by assigning chores for each member. The family seems to click during this period where they need each other the most.

In the second episode of the season, Sheldon faces a new challenge. While in class in Germany, he quickly realizes that he is no longer the smartest student in his class, which he had been his entire life. The teacher laughs in his face, discredits his previous school, and even assigns another young girl to tutor him. This completely discourages and disheartens Sheldon as being the smartest is his identity. This is a good reality check for Sheldon as he often gets cocky because of his smarts and acts differently, putting himself above everyone else. Sheldon’s attitude makes the audience have different opinions about his character like Rose Costello ‘24, “The mom and [Sheldon] annoy me so I don’t like watching.”

In episode 3, Sheldon surprisingly disobeys his mother’s orders and goes out exploring Germany on a train, alone. This backfires for Sheldon as he loses his bag on the train, leading to his mother finding out he went on the train. Mary, funnily enough, finds out about this trip, but does not tell Sheldon because he hates lying and she knows his lie will eat at him. Sheldon and Mary’s characters both start to act differently which is a nice change for the audience. In this show, the characters often have the same qualities and behave strictly in one way, like Sheldon who earlier on would not dare go against his mother’s rules.

In episodes 4 and 5 of the new season, Sheldon and Mary come home from Germany to a crazed home. Mary is quickly surprised by how well Missy has handled the situation and controlled the wild family. Because of the insane house situation, Sheldon has a hard time adjusting to this and moves into his college dorm. When he gets there he finds the room occupied and messy. Sheldon meets two new friends who are determined to make money through their computer. He teams up with them and they are successful for a short while until the software they are using gets out of hand and they break the computer. On the other hand, Missy and their neighbor Billy Sparks throw a party because Billy’s mother (Brenda Sparks) is out of town. This episode was hilarious because Mrs. Sparks finds out about the party, but is happy with it since Billy is not very social.

Season 7 is very entertaining so far and seems that the rest of the season will be just as good. The audience enjoys watching the characters grow and face new challenges, rather than stay the same like other shows. Sheldon especially has grown from being an independent kid to being more outgoing and open to new things.

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