April Everyday Hero: Billy Mandarino


Ryan Trick

Billy Mandarino

BHS Staff

This month’s Everyday Hero is one of the most respectful, kind students at BHS. He is a big burst of sunshine and positive energy. When he walks through the halls, he greets everyone with a smile and a “HEY! HOW YOU DOING?”. He goes out of his way to really get to know his peers. He has a wonderful perspective towards all his classmates and without fail he branches out from his friend group to learn more about his other classmates. He is willing to always offer a helping hand, include those who may not be otherwise included in his group, and make his peers feel special and welcomed.  Additionally, he shows that same care and respect towards his teachers. At the start of each week, he always begins class by asking his teacher how his/her weekend was. Finally, he truly cares about his education which he proves by chatting with his teachers after class about how he can improve. He frequently stops in to check in on his progress, to seek areas for growth, or to confirm that he’s on the right track. Congratulations to Billy Mandarino, our Everyday Hero for April. As an award for his impeccable behavior at BHS, Billy will receive a gift certificate from Nicoletta Pizzeria in Bernardsville.