January Student of the Month: Nina Levy


Ryan Trick

Nina Levy

BHS Staff

Our everyday hero for February is someone you get to know before you even meet her.  Walking through the halls you notice the random acts of kindness she does without a thought.  In high school, where it is easy to follow a crowd or pick on others, she refuses to participate and is friendly to all.  Recently this month’s everyday hero gave an example of her willingness to share her positive outlook and encouragement to others.  After the Paris terrorist attack she became involved with the creation of a project to send to our former exchange students in Rambouillet, France.  This was to show support to the victims and survivors after the attack. She, and other students created a message, but she also agreed to sing a song to express her support.  This is just one small part of the way Nina Levy is a true Everyday Hero. She will receive a gift card from Nicoletta Pizzeria in recognition of her accomplishments.