Everyday Hero

Jonathan Li


Have you ever done something for someone as a kind gesture? Whenever people choose to do random acts of kindness, it truly makes a difference in others’ lives. According to Psychological Science, their information states, “Compassion is defined as the emotional response when perceiving suffering and involves an authentic desire to help.” It is essential to lift others up by showing them compassion. It is a technique used to assure others that they are not alone and they are cared for. Whenever people show kindness, the world becomes a more positive place. Whenever individuals are happy, they feel more at peace in their lives. Psychological Science states, “They found that people who were happy because they lived the “good life” (sometimes also know as “hedonic happiness”) had high inflammation levels but that, on the other hand, people who were happy because they lived a life of purpose or meaning (sometimes also known as “eudaimonic happiness”) had low inflammation levels.” Often times, individuals independently face battles that are not seen nor heard of. I challenge each and every one of you to do a random act of kindness for someone else. It can be as simple as holding a door for a person. It is the little things in life that makes us appreciate others. This past Valentine’s Day, I received a thoughtful card from a student, and it really touched my heart. Shoutout to Alex Taylor for being so thoughtful and doing a random act of kindness. How can you become a positive influence in someone else’s life?