Spring Sports Updates: Girls Lacrosse


Noah Gagnon


The Girls lacrosse team was coming off a 13-5 2019 season, and held high hopes for what 2020 was to bring. This team won eight straight games in 2019, and also won games in the first round of both the county and state tournaments. Coming into the season with eight seniors on the roster, 2020 was an important season for the program, and the last chance for this group of seniors to prove what they could do on the field together. 

Many of last years statistical leaders were seniors, so 2020 provided a great opportunity for this year’s Seniors to lead the team. Last season, seniors Jenna McHale and Kate Thomas had 24 goals each, and they were looking to add onto that total this year. However, that opportunity may unfortunately be stripped away from them due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

The seniors had this to say when asked about the potential of losing their senior season: 

“As it is my last year, as well as many of my other lax buddies, We were excited to play lacrosse one last time as a high school athlete , however, corona took that away from us. I was happy to hear we basically had no school, but it hurt me when I knew my lacrosse season was basically over.  I was upset to know that the feeling of being with my lax family was gone, the feeling of intensity in games in practice would come to an end, and just the feeling of love and happiness that I got around my lax girls is gone as well. I hope that one day we will be able to play at least one game together” – Laura Aquino 

“Even though I’m devastated that the season has been cut short or possibly cancelled, the team has made my high school experience amazing and given me a second family.” – Kate Thomas 

“It sucks to see something you’ve been anticipating for the past 4 years get cancelled yet there’s still hope and if we get to go back to the season Bernards lacrosse will just begin again. If not though being apart of BLT, on and off the field, will always be something I remember” – Mackenzie Brown

“This team is my family. Family is forever. We are all there to support each other through the good and the bad. Throughout my time on this team it really brought me closer to the game I love. To the younger kids who are apart of this team, embrace it and enjoy it all because it doesn’t last forever. I think without blt and the support from everyone, I wouldn’t be where I am at today. Blt forever” – Jenna McHale

“Lacrosse was what I was looking forward to most for senior year and it’s so sad my last season could have been a week long. The team has always been such a positive and uplifting environment and I was looking forward to having a good year with all of my favorite people.” – Meredith O’Brien