First ever “Everyday Hero” award announced this October


Somers Laffey

Student of the Month posted outside of Guidance

Somers Laffey, Features Editor

      Bernards High School recently introduced a new way of highlighting students who are role models in the community. The Student of the Month is selected by the entire Bernards faculty. At first, Student of the Month was created by Mr. Niegel at a principal advisory meeting. Ms. Viollilo spearheaded this award and decided that any student can be nominated if they demonstrate acts of kindness throughout the day and show courage when facing adversity. Senior Raissa Rojas said, “I think this is a very cool opportunity to highlight students in the building who may not have been rewarded for their kindness otherwise.”

      Carlos Lopez is the first ever Student of the Month recipient. After school, Carlos was walking home and heard a man screaming across the street. He ran over and found an elderly man tangled up in a bush in his front yard and in obvious pain after his fall. Carlos, not being fluent in English, ran back to Bernards to get help. He sought out Mrs. Bracero to help him contact the police. Carlos and Mrs. Bracero went back to the house to stay with the man until an ambulance came. Carlos refused to leave the situation until the man was taken to the hospital, showing his true courage and kindness. It was later discovered that the elderly man fell off of his ladder and punctured his lung and broke his hip.

     A flyer will be put up outside of the cafeteria, guidance and the main office to showcase Carlos’ notable actions to the entire student body.

      Along with the honor of receiving Student of the Month from Bernards, a greater prize will be offered to Carlos and his family.  Nicoletta Pizzeria in Bernardsville offers the recipient a gift certificate to their restaurant. The certificate includes a dinner of pizza and meatballs.  The Bernardsville community is fully supporting honorable actions of students and encourages the continuation of good deeds and random acts of kindness. The next Student of the Month will be selected in November.