“Spike Night” gives students opportunity to buy new track sneakers


BHS track and field athletes had the opportunity to purchase discounted running shoes

Soren Austenberg, Staff Writer

The Sneaker Factory of Basking Ridge arrived at the Bernards High School track on Friday, March 24th and held “Spike Night”. This event took place after the practice ended and they provided all track athletes from the High School and Middle School with the opportunity to get new trainers, spikes, and sneakers. The track team wants to thank The Sneaker Factory for this incredible opportunity. 

“Giving our athletes a Spike Night not only starts our athletes off with the right gear to avoid injury and achieve success, but also gives the sport some recognition in terms of brands and what equipment is recognized for future running achievements. Most importantly, it gives our team time to bond and support each other at the beginning of the season,” said Coach LaChac, the Girls Track Coach, on the event.

The shoes are designed to fit an athlete specifically to allow them to perform at their bests with a reduced risk of injury. Different shoe manufacturers including Brooks, Hokas, Nike, and others had models available to buy depending on what the athlete needed. For example: a sprinter would have access to a dragonfly model for top speed and performance. 

Unlike most other sports, track and field does not require the same amount of equipment. All that is needed is a high-quality pair of shoes designed for running in, but not all athletes have a pair of running shoes lying around. For a multitude of reasons, whether it is the expensive prices or not knowing which shoes are better than others, not having the proper footwear can be a common issue. This is especially true in newer athletes who don’t have as much experience.

“Spike Night” allowed for all of these issues to be tackled all at once. The Sneaker Factory knows which shoes are of the highest quality and made the process of finding the right pair much easier. The athlete doesn’t fit the shoe, but rather the shoe fits the athlete.

Running shoes and spikes are very expensive, but for “Spike Night”, all of the shoes and spikes were discounted greatly. This allowed for more athletes to afford their new gear within a price range better fit for them. With the proper shoes, our athletes are now less likely to sustain an injury from improper footwear, a common cause of injury.

Once again, the track teams want to thank The Sneaker Factory for their contributions to our teams. All of the athletes who purchased new shoes or spikes are now in a much better place than they were before. Our teams have been blessed with such a special opportunity and we are very grateful to everyone involved. With everything they have done for our teams, we are one step closer to dominating and leaving our opponents in our dust.