BHS HSA organizes Fun End-of-Year Treats for Students


Charlotte Zaun, Editor/Staff-writer

As the 2020-2021 school year comes to a close, BHS students are anxiously awaiting summer break. With the craziness of this past year, the HSA decided to make the last month of school a little extra special. When interviewed, HSA president, Terese Taylor, stated they “have been working together to come up with ways to spread just a “bit” of joy to the students.” To do this, the HSA donated money to each grade, allowing the class parents to spread this joy. 

The parents chose to grant underclassmen the opportunity to receive a free treat. The freshman received free ice cream from local ice cream truck 5 Brothers Treats while the sophomores received chocolate chip cookies from Two Fields Bakeshop in Stirling, NJ. As for the juniors, they had the opportunity to get snow cones from Kona Ice originated in Hunterdon County. When asked why these suppliers were chosen, Ms. Taylor stated that although she doesn’t know the specifics, “[they] have been committed all year to use local vendors/small businesses that may have been impacted by the pandemic/locked down economy.” 

This is the first year the HSA has sponsored an event like this. Because many of their usual community-building events have been canceled, Ms. Taylor stated, “We applied the money to something new – and something that fit the new times we are living in.” 

As for next year, the HSA is looking for new activities and events to be held. Ms. Taylor stated “that as part of the potential changes, new “class-specific” donations such as [the free treats] may be made.” This would allow class parents to focus an event towards the grade they represent. 

Ultimately, both in-person and virtual students were eager to receive free goodies. On behalf of the BHS students, we thank the HSA and class parents for making the end of the school year a little more sweet!