Starting All Over?- How the Third Wave of COVID Could Affect Us All

New Jersey COVID-19 Cases as of November 11, 2020

COVID-19 cases are on the rise again, and may cause a third wave of cases.

On October 30, the amount of new patients on that day in the USA was nearly 100,000, setting a new record for daily cases. On November 10, that number for the US jumped to 139,855, setting another record. Since the start of November, records have continuously broken the amount of new cases from the day before. However, a month earlier, the amount of new cases in the U.S. were 42,000 cases, along with 25,000 cases in the beginning of September. It seems we are in another wave of cases. The U.S. added 1 million new COVID-19 cases only 2 weeks after the nation hit 8 million, with a total of over 9 million cases. According to the statistics above, this third wave is going to be worse than the last two.

One cause of this third wave may be the cold weather. As the flu season begins, it may lead to an increase in overall coronavirus cases.

However, the amount of deaths everyday have gone significantly down since the pandemic started, and have stayed between 300 and just over 1,000 deaths this October. During the start of this pandemic, the range was often close to 2,000 deaths per day. While the rates of daily coronavirus patients are rising, the death rates have stayed relatively the same. This is because more people who aren’t affected by the virus as much, such as younger people, are now making up a majority of new coronavirus cases each day.

On the other hand, one good thing is that we are now closer to a vaccine than ever before, though we do not know when exactly it will come. Many companies are competing to be the one with the vaccine, and so far, it seems that Pfizer is in the lead with a vaccine candidate shown to be more than 90% effective at preventing COVID-19 within its participants. That doesn’t mean we should get our hopes up for one soon, because we don’t know if it will be effective with people outside of its test group. We also don’t know any possible side effects of the vaccine that may be fatal. But there are possibilities. The government is willing to provide free or low cost vaccination when a vaccine is found.

Until then, the Third Wave of COVID-19 may be upon us.