Guidance department hosts annual college night

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Guidance department hosts annual college night

Bianca Pineda

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With college applications right around the corner, many students, especially seniors, are anxious about deadlines and essays and everything that comes with the whole college process. The BHS guidance department recently hosted a college night on September 18th in the PAC, in which they had an informational session open to all students and parents.

Senior Jack Harvey attended that night and said, “It really reassured me the stuff I kind of already knew; they talked a lot about talked a lot about deadlines and I feel much better now that I went.” The guidance department had many presentations that are also available online under the guidance department. They talked about the student-driven process, how to prepare and organize for applying, and how to use helpful websites such as Naviance and CommonApp.

In addition, they talked about the types of admission policies, obtaining and completing applications, sending test scores, requesting transcripts, letters of recommendation, and senior grades.

Although many students apply regular decision to college, a number apply early decision, rolling admissions, priority, or early action. Guidance went over the differences between all of these options as well as the pros and cons of each. They also went over the dates that transcript and application requests must be submitted to guidance by. This is extremely helpful for many students who have early deadlines or are applying early action or rolling admissions.

During the process, the counselor only sends your transcript, their recommendation letter, your school profile, and your school report form. Students MUST come and request first marking period senior grades, because since many schools do not specifically request them, guidance does not send them out automatically

In addition to college night, the guidance counselors have been visiting senior english classes to go over FERPA, Naviance, transcript requests, recommendations, and more.

Also, the guidance office and their resources available to students during school hours and many students utilize seeing their guidance counselors during their free periods. Senior Haley Huamani said, “I went to Ms. Stolarz, my guidance counselor, with about a million questions and she was so helpful and patient in answering every single one.”

Although many students feel stressed or worried about getting into college or the application process, the guidance department has many opportunities to use their resources or ask questions.

Financial Aid night was also recently held in the PAC on the 26th, in which they talked about options with financial aid and how to go about it.

On October 12th, there is a college fair at Ridge where students can talk to representatives from different colleges. Mrs. O’Brien said, “It’s important because it gives you exposure to new schools as well as have your questions answered.”

Although there’s a lot of pressure and nervousness around college applications, there are many opportunities for seniors to get more help and information to make the process a little bit easier.