New and advanced athletic technology is necessary for BHS sports


Ari Rosen

A Bernards football speed flex helmet, one of the safety advancements the school already provides

As technology becomes more available in the sports industry, athlete safety and development comes into question. With more and more ways of tracking athletes’ health and progress, is it time for Bernards to invest in new and advanced athletic technology?

Nearby Mendham high school currently has new advancements for their boys basketball team. They have implemented many different new items, including a new shot tracker used by many NBA teams, called Noah Basketball.
The Noah Basketball allows instant shot feedback from anywhere for players to track their shot and improve in real time. Noah Basketball comes in a halfcourt system starting at $2,600 with a 3D image on one side of the court, displaying shooting analytics for each and every player. It also comes in a full court system starting at $4,800 allowing all the same features from above and more including game, scrimmage, and full practice data.This detailed data shows exactly where the ball enters the rim.

The First Beat Heart rate monitors allow for instant and easy access to accurate heart rate. First Beats sports is using accurate analytics in sports giving real time and recovery monterting for each athlete. Additionally, they use the Normatec Leg recovery system, using dynamic air compression which allows for better blood circulation resulting in faster recovery.
After a successful season for Mendham basketball going 17-9, they have adapted these new technologies for their team.

In an interview with Coach William Connolly, when asked about what advantages it gives his team, he feels the advantages are improving the ability to make shots, putting his players in peak physical condition and keeping their legs fresh and recovered.

He says they have it to provide the best combinations of athletics in the state. What led Coach Conlly into getting it was while at practice from different basketball schools including the University of Virginia, University of Michigan, and Villanova. These are just some of the items gaining popularity, as we are seeing in professional leagues, like the NFL and PLL.
In these leagues there is a significant uprising in the use of Q collar, a collar worn around the neck to reduce the risk of traumatic brain injuries through partial jugular vein compression. When the head is exposed to hard contact, by applying a light force to the sides of the neck the Q collar increases blood volume in the brain’s structure.

Cost is going to be the main issue as for Mendham it cost them around $15,000 in total with all their items added up. Another issue that comes into play is maintaining and using the equipment properly. We as a school would need to find some varsity managers who would understand and be able run the entire setups.

Because there is no evident reason as to why we shouldn’t use this improved technology for the sake of Bernards athletes, should we develop the funds to do so? There is no negative to purchasing the equipment listed above or anything related to it, as it will only benefit our athletes.