Teachers participate in holiday spirit week

Students have entered this school building with apparel and attitudes that reflect their keenness for the winter break. Classrooms abound in holiday cheer, from necklaces made from glowing Christmas lights and clothes with coordinated Christmas colors to exchanging gifts and discussing each others’ plans for the holiday break.

 However, there is one thing missing: teachers! This year, BHS teachers have joined in on the holiday spirits with students through a spirit week. To complete the holidays, teachers are dressing festively this week. 

Each school day, from Friday, December 17 to Thursday, December 23, teachers are wearing special outfits in accordance to the days of the week. Last week, on Friday, participating teachers wore red to demonstrate holiday and school spirit, being the Merry, Mindful Mountaineers they are. This Monday, teachers wore blue to reflect on the recent Hanukah celebration. On Tuesday, teachers wore their favorite scarf to stay warm for a hopeful winter wonderland in Bernardsville this Christmas. Today, teachers are getting decked out in festive flannel or plaid to Deck the BHS Halls. Arguably saving the best for last, teachers will wear silly seasonal sweaters and masks tomorrow before the holiday break begins!

 Teachers are dressing up and BHS cheer is soaring- contribute to the festivities by wearing your own holiday apparel! Slightly modified but along the lines of Buddy the Elf in the iconic Christmas movie, Elf, The best way to spread Christmas cheer is wearing seasonal outfits that prepare for the holiday near!