The Voice’s Season 21

The Voices Season 21

NBC’s production of The Voice, which has been running for 15 seasons over the span of ten years, has returned. Like most shows in 2020, The Voice struggled to adjust after the COVID-19 pandemic first hit. A show that relied heavily on close interactions between coaches, the audience, and contestants, NBC endured multiple obstacles in continuing the show during the height of the pandemic.
Producers knew that they had to adapt to a new lifestyle if they wanted their show to stay alive. Not long after, the Voice began a virtual season last year. Season 20 went virtual on May 7, 2020 during the Top 17 Live Performances. Coaches virtually listened to the singers, and the performances were broadcasted live on television from each of the contestant’s homes.
Fortunately, viewers were pleasantly surprised that the next season, season 21, would smoothly return to in-person performances and auditions. Season 21 did not disappoint, as there was another surprise for fans brewing.
NBC announced their introduction of Ariana Grande as a new coach, replacing coach Nick Jonas from last year. This was likely due to Ariana Grande’s huge fanbase, which would draw more people in. Ariana Grande, with 243 million Instagram followers as of 2021, has thrived in her seat next to the other three coaches- Kelly Clarkson, John Legend, and Blake Shelton on The Voice. Ariana Grande is the third most followed celebrity on Instagram and has likely contributed to The Voice’s vast viewership. She is paid about 15 million dollars from The Voice, seated highest in the coaches salaries.
TV reporter, Alexandra Del Rosario, writes in her article from Deadline, “The Voice kept its grip on Monday primetime steady, leading the way as the highest-rated program for the second consecutive week. The Voice earned a 0.9 rating in the 18-49 demo and 6.66 million viewers, per fast affiliates,”
So why do people love The Voice so much? Major attractions that continuously grow the fanbase are the extremely famous and loved coaches. Throughout the years, viewers have seen Adam Levine, Shakira, Usher, Pharrel WIllaims, Christina Aguleria, and more. But perhaps the aspect that distinguishes The Voice most is its system, which makes the show arguably the fairest. Selecting contestants is impartial, as the coaches are seated in four big chairs and their backs are turned against the auditioner. The coaches know nothing about the auditioners. In addition, not only are contestants battling each other, but the coaches are competing against each other, as well. These high stakes for both the coaches and contestants force the coach to pick who they want wisely and give their team the most help they can provide. Other singing competitions like American Idol and The Four do not guide individuals and give the singers specific advice and lessons to help them grow.
The competition follows this sequence: auditions, battles, knockouts, and live playoffs. As of this Monday, the top ten finalists of this year’s season 21, are the family trio “Girl Named Tom,” Haley Mia- the youngest contestant, and Jeremy Rosado on Kelly Clarkson’s team. John Legend brought Jershika Maple, Joshua Vacanti to the finals, and on team Ariana are the family duo Jim and Sasha Allen and Holly Forbes. Remaining contestants on Team Blake include Wendy Moten, Lana Scott, and Paris Winning. Tune in every Monday for the live episodes, and be sure to vote on The Voice official app or website at 8:00 pm!