Artist of the Issue: David Dyka


David Dyka

Picture of the robot the robotics club built to compete with in VEX competitions

This month’s artist of the issue was awarded to senior David Dyka. David was nominated for the artist of the issue because of his interest and talent in engineering and robotics. David has taken all the engineering courses offered at BHS in addition to taking AP Physics which complements the engineering courses while also helping to understand fundamental concepts. He is the co- president of the Tech and Robotics club and he has participated in many STEM competitions. Additionally, David’s current goal is to obtain a regular pilot’s license and a glider pilot’s license. David shared he was inspired by, “Elon Musk for his groundbreaking work with Tesla and SpaceX, which has revolutionized the engineering industry while also creating large successful companies.”

When asked what made him interested in engineering, David shared, “I have always had a deep fascination with airplanes, and as I explored various career options that involved this passion, my interest ultimately led me to the field of aerospace engineering.” As a result of his deep passion, he plans on getting a masters degree in aerospace engineering or aeronautical engineering, and eventually have a career in relation to the field. He shared his goal would be to “eventually work for Lockheed Martin to work on highly advanced aircraft like fighter jets.”

After interviewing David he expressed that his favorite part of engineering is the ability and opportunity to be creative. He shared, “It’s amazing to have a vision for something and then bring it to life through the design and construction process.” It is clear that David is driven and has a passion for engineering. Above is a picture of the robot the Tech and Robotics club built to compete with in VEX competitions.