Artist of Issue: Jessica Hickman


Jessica Hickman

Drawing of a bright red monochromatic still-life of a teapot made in AP Art

The artist of this month’s issue was awarded to Jessica Hickman. Jess has been drawing for a very long time, but didn’t start to take it seriously until her freshman year. She explained that it was her family that pushed her to draw because both of her parents’ and her brother’s careers involve a form of art, so it was just natural that she did as well.
She has taken art at BHS all throughout high school and shared that her favorite drawing would be the watercolor portrait for a child in Sierra Leone, which is shown above the article. She is currently taking AP Art with Ms. Crisman. Her talent and intelligence when it comes to art have grown throughout her high school career, as she has taken an art class every year. She also shared that her favorite memory was going on the hot glass field trip last year during her junior year.
Although she thoroughly enjoys drawing the self portraits, she shared, “It is definitely nerve wracking to draw portraits, but once you have a solid foundation it all falls into place very nicely.” When asked what her favorite artistic medium was, she shared that it was either acrylic paint of colored pencils. Both are difficult to work with, but it shows just how much she likes to challenge herself.
Jess shared that she is not sure if she wants to involve art in her future career, but she will definitely want to keep it around as a hobby!
Ms. Crisman shares that “Jess is very talented and if her future career involves art she will definitely excel in it” which is definitely true. In addition to the art, Jess is an avid member of the girls soccer team, and is a member in many clubs. She is an active member of Peer Leadership, Best Buddies, and Art Club. Her artistic ways are brought up in all aspects of her life, and art gives her an outlet to be creative, outside and inside of her school day.
The additional photo above this article is another piece of artwork made by Jess. It is yet another example of her amazing artwork, and shows just how talented she is.