Johnny Depp and Amber Heard continue to testify in court


Recently, the Johnny Depp and Amber Heard court case has been all over news networks and social media platforms. Johnny Depp, a famous actor, most recently starring in Aqua Man, is filing a 50 million dollar lawsuit on Amber Heard for defamation-which is where somebody comes out with a statement that has the possibility to be false or has yet to be proven causing one’s reputation to suffer.. All eyes are on this case, as it could go either way. The high profile cases revolve around the suffering Johnny Depp faced after Amber Heard came out regarding the “abuse” of her ex-husband, losing acting jobs as his reputation plummets.

Amber Heard states in an article in 2017, “I was exposed to abuse at a very young age, I knew certain things early on without ever having to be told. I knew men had the power physically, socially, and financially.” Amber Heard referred to herself as a figure representing l domestic abuse.

After coming out with the allegations against Johnny Depp, she referred to the “me too” movement- a movement agaist sexual assault and rape culture, where women stand up to share their stories and how institutions can be used to help women.

The both of them could face millions of dollars in damages, and the rest of their careers depend on the result of this case. According to the New York Post, Amber Heard is confidently favored to win the case as of May 12th, because it would spread a so called “chilling effect” across other sexual assault victims who struggled with actual sexual assault in fears that they would be silenced.

A Maryland massage therapist named Tiffany Lynn came out and said that Johnny deserves justice, and throughout this case the answer will be revealed. Another Los Angeles resident traveled from across the country to catch a glimpse of the case, stating that she was running high on “Johnny Adrenaline” according to the New York Post.

Amber Heard’s first witness was a psychological interpersonal violence expert, and denied that mutual abuse occured between the couple. However, audio recordings, videos, and text messages were all revealed, concluding that the abuse was not one sided. For example, during the marriage, a fight broke out in the kitchen of the couple’s home, causing Johnny to sever his finger. After seeking medical attention for it, he never revealed that Amber Heard was the cause of the injury until the court case was introduced.

Since Heard’s first time on the podium May 11th, there has been occasionally slipping in evidence to help Johnny’s case. In a particular situation, Amber admitted to punching Johnny with a guard and her sister in the room. Amber’s sister was standing at the top of a staircase, and it spiked fear in Amber as Johnny Depp approached the sister. The situation was a misunderstanding between Amber, and the punch was uncalled for.

Experts in the case come out and say that there will really be no “winner” to this case as no lessons will be learned.