Concerts opening back up following the pandemic


Sarah Iossa, Writer

With so many individuals in the United States getting vaccinated, many wonder: When do we get concerts back? The answer isn’t clear. Various artists such as Thomas Rhett, John Legend, Luke Bryan, and many more have opted to begin holding concerts and tours throughout the coming summer months. 

Some artists, such as Luke Bryan, have had no choice but to push their previously planned tours back to a later date. “There is nothing more gratifying about writing and recording music than getting to play it live for the fans. There’s several songs off my new album that I’ve never performed live,” Luke Bryan says, “I can’t believe this moment is nearly here when we get to hop on the tour bus and roll into towns across America and get back to doing what we do best. What we live to do!” As the new dates are slowly approaching, however, people are crossing their fingers that vaccination rates continue to go up while infection rates continue to go down. This may seem like a rather risky decision, but according to Live Nation, 83% of fans have opted to hold onto tickets rather than ask for refunds.

The Governors Ball, a music festival located right in New York City, has also decided to remain open. This year marks the “Gov Ball”’s ten year anniversary, so organizers are looking forward to a very exciting series of performances. The 2021 Ball highlights many popular artists, including Billie Eilish, A$AP Rocky, and Post Malone. If all goes well with COVID-19 in the next few months, the Governors Ball is scheduled for a spread of three days, September 24-26. 

Everybody misses gathering together and enjoying some live music from their favorite musicians, but many wonder if it is too soon to pretend like everything is back to normal already. This leaves one question: will concerts open up and go according to plan, or will they be rescheduled for next summer just like how they were in the past? Only time will tell.