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Colleges look for students who get involved

Jane Holmes
Layout for April issue of In-Depth spread to encourage students to get involved to improve their resume

As the college application process becomes seemingly more competitive year after year, students and parents are left dumbfounded with what more they can do to reach their goals. With every year passing, students of all tiers and rankings are on average applying to 4-6 more colleges and universities than five years ago (U.S. News and World Report.) With this influx of applicants at the majority of universities nationwide, also comes an influx of competition, leading to a constant decline of acceptance rates. As this competition is inevitable and unavoidable, a student can only focus on their resume and application to best increase their chances. Focusing on one’s resume begins as early as freshman year. From the beginning of their high school career, student’s should focus on involving themselves in a variety of aspects in their community.  

When reviewing millions of applications, universities are searching for unique students that vibrantly stand out amongst their competitors. These differences come in many forms, but begin with involvement. A clear display of passion, dedication, and consistency help separate an application from the rest. This should come in the form of clubs, sports, jobs, volunteer work, leadership, and displays of initiative.

The earlier students  begin building their resume, the stronger an applicant they become. This time allows students to genuinely build connections with their activities and strengthen passions. . Sophomore, Evelyn Noonan, started her resume on naviance last year, “when naviance was first introduced to me and there was an option to start creating my resume I started right away. Starting to make a resume early in the high school year assures that you will not miss any information from your earlier years.”

Sophomore, Finn Vaccaro, is very involved in sports and clubs around school. He says, “I am hoping that playing sports and being in clubs at school will help me get into the colleges that I want after building a substantial resume.” These experiences will not only make your resume look more impressive but will also help you develop important leadership and collaborative skills.

According to The Princeton Review, “ High school student resumes give colleges a snapshot of your accomplishments, extracurriculars, hobbies, and work history.” Colleges and Employers are seeking individuals who have developed their skills beyond just academics. By taking classes in areas that interest students and individuals, such as woodworking, arts, economics, computer science, and more will show that you are exploring different aspects of learning and that you want to learn new things. Killian Schlager, sophomore, says, “I take engineering because It is a change from the academic setting and I am interested in it.”

Diversifying one’s course load, challenging their capabilities with the rigor and level of the courses as well as displaying mastery in different subjects will showcase a student’s intelligence and dedication. In addition to such, leadership roles in extracurricular activities, volunteer work, and sports will benefit you so much. 

Senior class president, Gabe McKinley, worked very hard to get to his position. When asked if becoming president improved his resume said, “I think it did help my resume a little, I think that if it is the only thing I did it would be great, but since I was in other activities it just added to the list of activities, but all in all I think that it was beneficial. ”

As student individuals participate in different activities, keep track of your accomplishments. This includes any awards, honors, or recognition you receive. Keeping a record of these accomplishments will make it easier to build your resume when the time comes.

Work experience is another important aspect of building a strong resume. Many different places around town are hiring such as: YMCA, Lenny’s Pizzeria, Starbucks, Chipotle, Chianti Restaurant, Shoprite, and many more  places. Contact them if you are looking for a job. Having a job will give you valuable experience and skills that you can highlight on your resume.

Volunteering is a great way to gain experience and skills while also giving back to your community. Volunteering can be anywhere from working with animals, helping the less fortunate, supporting the environment, or giving back to the religious community. The Key Club does lots of volunteer work including, Miles for Matheny, League of Women Voters’ Meet and Greet Pizza and Power Lunch, and VFW Chat and Chew, and FW Chat and Chew. Being involved in these community service events will show that you are committed to making a positive impact.

Building a strong resume is an important step in preparing for college and your future career. By starting early, getting involved in extracurricular activities, developing your skills, keeping track of your accomplishments, gaining work experience, volunteering, and seeking out opportunities for leadership, you’ll be well on your way to creating a resume that will make you stand out.

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