Bernardsville town updates as 2023 begins



Map of Bernardsville with several updates to inform community

Jane Holmes, Editor-In-Chief

Bernardsville has lots of exciting changes coming to town. If you are looking for a new place to shop or a fun place to eat, the recent and upcoming additions to Bernardsville certainly won’t disappoint… 

Coffee shop expands: 

The Bernardsville Coffee shop is loved by many citizens of Bernardsville and surrounding towns. Andreas Avgoutis, the Coffee Shop owner, recently made the decision to expand the restaurant due to the out-the-door lines on the weekends. On October 1st, the construction began and is now complete. Olivia Guyet ‘23 visited the coffee shop this past weekend and mentioned, “I thought the expansion of the coffee shop was great especially since they are so busy on weekends it gives them so much more space.”

Bagel bin shuts down:

Their doors first opened on December 15, 1992 and after 30 years of business in Olcott Square, Bernardsville, the Bagel Bin has been put out of business due to the downtown redevelopment project. No redevelopment plans have yet been released by the buyers. The Bagel Bin and their loyal customers have put in many efforts in hopes of keeping the Bagel Bin alive. There was a petition created that was signed by hundreds of people as well as devoted customers speaking out during public meetings. Scarlett Campbell ‘23 stated, “I am devastated about the closing of the bagel bin. I used to go every single weekend with my friends.”

3 new boutiques in olcott square:

Bernardsville has been opening up several new restaurants and stores recently. Just to add to the excitement, there have been three new stores opening in Olcott square within the last few months. Olcott Squared is a clothing store located near Bernardsville Cinemas. As the owner, Tara Vitollo, states on her website, “Olcott Squared is a fashion forward boutique located in the Historic Downtown Olcott Square in Bernardsville, New Jersey. We are proudly woman owned[.]” Along with Olcott Squared, August has recently opened next to Buona Pizza. The owner of this boutique founded AUGUST DESIGNS in 2010. As it states on, “My vision was to create an inviting space to shop curated looks from each season sprinkled with fun jewelry, special home goods, carefully selected gifts and of course, handbags and clutches from my own line, AUGUST DESIGNS.” Lastly, Teggy French started as a pop up store at 20 Olcott square and opened as a permanent store on November 22, 2022. On her website under Teggy’s “about Teggy french” it states,”Teggy had a diverse career background from actress to real estate agent, prior to founding her fashion blog, Teggy French, in 2014. Always a lover of fashion and style, she quickly grew into a top social influencer.” Thes stores are a great addition to Bernardsville especially for the female community.

Ricky’s thai Opens: 

On November 28th, 2022, Ricky’s Thai opened its doors to the public in the Bernardsville Centre strip mall. This is a chain restaurant with other locations in Hillsborough, New Jersey and Montgomery, New Jersey. The owner, Ricky Chai moved here 26 years ago in hopes of opening his own restaurant. Some of the popular dishes at Ricky’s Thai vary from Pad Thai noodles to duck Entrees. Seolin Park ‘23 visited Ricky’s Thai with her friends recently and stated, “the food was extremely delicious and I will be coming back in the near future.”  It is a great addition to the town especially for Thai lovers. 

Ristorante MV plans to open pizza place:

Ristorante MV, located in Olcott Square, has been open since 2021. This amazing Italian restaurant owned by Pasquino and Michael Vitiello has a casual bar setting upstairs, Trattoria MV. The owners just couldn’t make their customers any happier when they were informed of the Upscale pizzeria and bar that is opening up at the Bernardsville Train station. Andee Costabile ‘25 states,“ I go to restaurant MV all the time, especially the upstairs trattoria and the food is phenomenal. I cannot wait to go to the train station’s pizza place.”

Outdoor winter market open:

For nearly 30 years Bernardsville farmers market has been running on Saturdays. They have dozens of different vendors from local makers to bakers and florists. Starting January 7th the farmers market turns into “Outdoor Winter Market” on Saturdays from 10am-12 pm at the Bernardsville Train station. The winter market will host different tents containing more seasonal vendors. The market will last until March 25, 2023. 

Bistro 73 plan to open mexican restaurant:

Bistro Seven Three located on Morristown road across from the Bernardsville train station has served Bernardsville residents since 2003 with a great atmosphere and off the charts food. The owner, Afirm, recently announced that he is taking over the restaurant space located at 95 Morristown Road and is opening a Mexican restaurant. Sarah Gutjhar goes to Bistro Seven Three very frequently and states, “ I heard the new Mexican place is going to be really cool, I can’t wait!” This restaurant will open in March 2023 just in time for summer!