Recap of BHS students Holiday Break activities


Eliza Turpin

Picture of the beautiful Hawaiian water and clear blue sky from a helicopter’s view

Over winter break, many students have traveled anywhere from Africa to Colorado to Hawaii. Time was spent with friends and loved ones to celebrate the holidays while vacationing in a tropical getaway or in the mountains. Vacationing during the holiday season only heightens the joy and excitement for any high school student. Who wouldn’t want to spend the break in a tropical place? Let’s see where your classmates traveled this past break.

Summer Schnabolk ‘23 traveled to Colorado and went skiing with her family. She enjoyed the snowy mountains, the nice temperature, and being outdoors. However, her favorite part was skiing. She says, “I loved being able to ski on the West Coast because it helped me get ready for my ski racing season.”

Throughout the break, students celebrated Hanukkah and Christmas with their family and friends. Andalora Parente ‘25 traveled to Africa and spent the holiday break on a safari with her family. She explains, “For Christmas break I traveled to South Africa. My whole mom’s side of the family met up over there. Although Christmas was a little different for us this year, we still had fun celebrating!” As said before, the holidays are filled with happiness and warmth from surrounding ourselves with our family and friends.

While some traveled to cold climates, others went the tropical route. Eliza Turpin ‘24 traveled to Hawaii with her family during the week. Eliza says, “Over break I traveled to the Big island in Hawaii. I went with 15 of my family members and it was super fun spending time with them.” Traveling throughout the break is a great way to relieve stress, relax, and brighten our moods over the week, and what better way to do that on a tropical island. Additionally, Jackie Silberman ‘24 traveled to Costa Rica over the break with her family, she shares “It was so nice to get time away from school and the cold weather.”

Although traveling is always fun, some students stayed local for their break and spent time relaxing at home with family to celebrate the holidays. Alexa Paterno ‘25 shares “My cousins came from Italy to celebrate Christmas, we went out to dinner in the city, it was so much fun to be with my family!” Lots of people look forward to seeing their family over winter break, and with that comes fun traditions!

Christmas morning looks a little different in every household. Some families start the day off with opening their presents early in the morning followed by quality time with family, while others go to church on christmas day, have homemade breakfast then start the holiday festivities.

All in all, the holiday break was spent de-stressing. Some did this on a tropical getaway, others did this on snowy mountains, or just in the comfort of their own home. Winter break is full of warmth and comfort from the surroundings of your family and friends.