Artist of the Issue: Seolin Park


Seolin Park

Gifted portrait drawn by Seolin for kids of Sierra Leone

The artist of the issue this month was awarded to Seolin Park. Seolin has been drawing her whole life, but after entering freshman year she started to take it more seriously. Her interest sparked with fashion, and drawing items. She shared, “I started drawing when I was younger and created my own fashion sketches. I loved fashion so much and I didn’t know how to sew or create any actual items of clothing, so I thought the only way I could contribute was through drawings.”

She has been taking art at BHS with Ms. Crisman since her freshman year and is currently in AP Art and Design. Not only was she recognized as this issue’s artist, but she is also October’s Artist of the Month. She explained that although she doesn’t have one singular person who has influenced her, it was a cumulation of different people and works, “I don’t think that there is a specific singular “who” inspired me to start drawing, but as I became exposed to different works of art and the people behind it, I found myself wanting to achieve similar things! I do however have to mention that Ms. Crisman is always my greatest inspiration as her input helps me create beautiful things.”

When talking with Ms. Crisman she shared, “Seolin puts her heart and soul into her artwork. She’s the type of student-artist who creates artwork based on her life experiences and social issues that are important to her.” It is clearly evident that she takes her experiences and feelings, and channels them into her artwork. When she was asked what her favorite piece of artwork she has made so far was, Seolin explained, “If I had to choose one piece of my creation that I loved the most, it would be my portrait project for the kids of Sierra Leone. I had never done portraits before and it was terrifying knowing that it was going to end up as a gift, but I think it was one of the most meaningful pieces I have ever created.”

Although she is not sure if she will pursue art as a career in the future, she hopes that it will always be a part of her life somehow!