Artist of the Issue: Mark Tamke


Mark Tamke

Photo of Mark Tamke’s Stereo Cabinet made during his junior year.

The artist of this month’s issue was awarded to Mark Tamke. Mark has been taking woodworking as an elective since his freshman year in high school. He explained that although he had occasionally helped his dad with a few small projects related to woodworking, taking it as an elective freshman year was his first real introduction to woodworking.
Due to in-person learning being cut short his freshman year, he was only able to complete one project, and get to see all of his hard work come together. He shared, “To see the finished product in my hands made me really happy, so I knew I wanted to take it again my sophomore year. One of the only reasons I opted for in person learning sophomore year was so I could work on projects in class.”
His favorite project he has made throughout all four years of high school would have to be the stereo cabinet he built. To the right of the article, you can see the final product and it being used in his home currently. Although Mark does not plan on pursuing a career involving woodworking, he explained that he would always want it to be a part of his life. Whether it would be an ongoing hobby, or something he did occasionally Mark liked having the creative outlet and ability to work hands-on during high school. When asked who inspired him to take woodworking, he shared, “My brother told me it was fun and that I would gain important skills in class that I would not learn anywhere else, and he was right. Lots of what I have learned in this class has already proven to be important and helpful.”
The discipline and concentration required to successfully build the different pieces he has made, like the stereo cabinet, allows you to think in ways you may not be able to, in math and science classes. In addition, having the opportunity to work and create these pieces from just pieces of wood, can teach valuable lessons you can use in your day-to-day life.