December 17th; The First Snowfall


Sydney Kaul, Editor-in-Chief

Last Thursday, December 17th, our town experienced heavy snowfall Wednesday night leaving us with 10+ inches of fresh snow on the ground! The first snow day of the school year; it was exciting when we were 8, and it is just as exciting now. No other feeling compares to the joy students feel when they get that phone call informing them that school is cancelled for the day. It is one of the greatest things about living in a state with cold, snowy winters. Something that all of us feared we would lose. Now that schools have adjusted to virtual instruction and have gotten the routine down, it didn’t make sense for schools to cancel due to bad weather.

Many of us assumed that it would not matter if there was a blizzard outside because no one had to worry about a commute to school. Considering students have been attending school in the comfort of their own home for the past two weeks, a snow day seemed far out of the picture. Which made last Thursday even better! A day full of sledding and relaxing is the type of break students need every once in a while. Many spent their day sledding down the hills near Pill Hill rd in Bernardsville or down the hills of the St. James playground in Basking Ridge. Times like these really bring out the little kid in all of us, and for once in so long relieve students of all the stress and chaos of school.