Coronavirus Community Helper-Mrs. Snyder & Mr. Kaplan


Throughout an unpredictable time like this many people look for guidance and those who can be counted on when we need to hear words of encouragement or just a reminder everything is going to be alright. News channels and main topics of discussion have been Coronavirus and everything around it – the spotlight should go to two amazing people: Mrs. Snyder and Mr. Kaplan.

Most of our parents know that having to deal with two elementary school students is not an easy task. Taking the time out of her own day, Mrs. Snyder gave each of her students a bag full of candy and a note as a reminder to hold it together as we are trapped in our homes. This bag included a ton of motivational words, to boost students confidence and send hope during such a time of uncertainty. Driving all over Bedminster, Peapack, Gladstone, Far Hills and Bernards – Mrs. Snyder made it her number one priority, to send this inspiring message to her students. Mrs. Snyder said, “The minute we went into quarantine I knew I wanted to spread some cheer. This was such a massive adjustment for all of us, and I wanted my students to know that I was always thinking about them. Like my own kids, my “big kids” are my world. I just hope it sparks people to pay it forward. “Chalk the Walk.” Make a kindness rock and put it on someone’s driveway. Mail a letter to someone you haven’t seen in a while. We don’t need each other less because we are apart. We just have to change the way we connect.” An act out of pure kindness, she has always kept her students a main priority – as this deed sparked happiness and most importantly hope for her kids.

With very little to do and the quarantine process keeping everyone in-doors, it can be very challenging to find ways to continuously help out the community. As he has always made the town of Bernardsville and the wellness of others his first priority, Mr Kaplan has gone above and beyond in his hopes to give back to the community. His endless amounts of efforts come from the goodness in his heart, and the way he still wants to help others just goes to show how spectacular he is. Mr. Kaplan has formed a list of the goals and ideas to help out food banks, helping fellow students who do not have lunches and supporting local hospitals during a time of uneasiness. His positive mindset and passion to help others means a tremendous amount to this community.