Red cross fundraises at BHS


Bernards High School took part in fundraising dodgeball tournament on November 16th. The fundraiser was for the Red Cross and Peer Leaders here at Bernards. The event took place in the lower gym and many students came to play to win the gift card prize for winning the tournament.

Ms.Wagner who runs the Red Cross club helped create the event along with Ms. Maestas who runs Peer Leaders. Upon asking if the event would be recurring to Bernard’s Ms. Wagner said, “ We are hoping to make it an annual possibly even bi annual event. Since it was a great success in the fall we hope to bring it back to the spring.”

“We raised 200 dollars for the red cross and 200 for peer leaders because we split the profit,” Wagner said how much the event raised and how the money would be split between the clubs.

Ms. Wagner said, “I thought it would be a good way for the Red Cross Club to raise money.  The Club picked this event to be the main event over a few other ideas,” upon asking who decided to come up with the idea of dodgeball night

The night started with eight teams playing exhibition games that turned into a single elimination tournament to find the champion of the tournament. The event lasted from five to nine at night and students loved every second of it with exciting games and food for purchase.

The winning team from dodgeball would get a gift card to Lenny’s Pizza and member of winning team Freshmen Avery Schuller said, “It was a great event and I am so happy that my team managed to win and donate to these amazing clubs.”

After asking Peer leader Heily Cordero about her thoughts on the event she said, “I think that it was a great idea and event for the peer leaders and Red Cross. It was a lot of fun and I hope we do it again in the spring so people who did not participate in the fall tournament can have a chance to play in the spring. It was a great opportunity for both clubs to raise money and I’m glad we raised the amount we raised.”

With the money, the Peer Leaders club will look to improve activities that are used in Freshmen groups to perform more activities with the Freshmen class and for the future as well as the Red-Cross club will look to improve their club with the money fundraised.