New Band teacher is hired at BHS


Mrs. Sorge

Mr. Teasler conducts the band at the Winter Holiday Concert

Since the retirement of band director, Mr. Trumpy, at the end of 2022, the board of education has struggled to keep someone in the position. This year began with part-time band director Mx. Lemely, but after less than a month they unfortunately chose to resign.

For weeks after, all instrumental music classes were student run under the supervision of a substitute teacher. After around six weeks of student run classes a new band director, Mr. Taesler, was instated.
Mr. Taesler has taken the struggles of being hired farther into the year in stride, and has worked hard to prepare all of his groups for the band concert on Tuesday, 12/13. While he acknowledged the struggles related to “figuring out the skill levels, things that need work, and settling into a new routine.” All on such short notice, he continued to have high hopes for the concert. Prior to the concert His goal was that “The students and parents [would] enjoy [it] as much as he enjoyed preparing it.”

Now that the concert has come and passed, his goal was undeniably reached. It was a successful show, with an impressive repertoire for the short amount of time groups had to prepare.

He was offered, and currently holds a part-time position. Unlike his predecessor Mr. Trumpy. When asked if he would be interested in a full-time position, had it been offered he said “yes, one hundred percent, absolutely.” He currently teaches 4 classes, in addition to holding practices and lessons during first and second lunch. His goal next year is to create a general music elective, and teach at least five classes in order to qualify for a full time position. He has already shown his dedication to this program in the just under two months he has been a part of it.

His students see this too, viola master, Lucinda Putnam, says that “while [she] really misses Mr. Trumpy, [she] is relieved to have an orchestra teacher again, and [she] think[s] Mr. Taesler is doing a great job.”
Flutist and tamer of both the Alto and bari sax, Ivey Mistele says “Mr. Taesler is a great fit for the job, and [she] really enjoyed his wife’s pie at the concert reception.”

It is safe to say that even in the short time he has been here Mr. Taesler has proved to be an asset to his student’s and the BHS music community.