Bernardsville’s Environmental Issues, and How You Can Help

Bernardsville's Environmental Issues, and How You Can Help

James Kolvites, Staff Writer

Our planet’s environmental issues have been a problem for decades now, and while people are becoming more aware and trying to help reduce waste, large enough actions have not been taken. Unfortunately, average citizens can only do so much in passing new laws and acts to help our planet. However, what you can do is help locally, and change your community. Grassroots projects are often overlooked and vital in creating worldwide improvement. In Bernardsville, there are more than plenty of ways you can reduce waste, lowering our carbon footprint, and helping advance our town as well.

In Bernardsville we have a plethora of endangered species, including, the Northern Myotis bat, Bald Eagles, Indiana Bats, and Bobcats are all state endangered animals. According to World Wildlife Foundation, at least 10,000 animals go extinct every year. To prevent the extinction of these animals you can: learn more about the species, make your home wild-life friendly, and add things such as bat houses on a tree.  Stopping unregistered hunting and putting decals on your windows, to help the 1 billion birds every year that die from flying into windows are other ways to aid our ecosystem.

Bernardsville is on more than a 10 percent slope which may lead to erosion and if climate change continues to get worse, then our town may have landslide issues. Buying reusable items, like bags, water bottles, straws and stirrers make a big difference when used everyday. Between the ages of 5 and 65, the average person uses 38,000 straws. Everyday, the Green Team in Bernardsville is trying their best to keep New Jersey sustainable, and even won a Sustainable Jersey Bronze Certified Community award. Although their outstanding work has greatly helped our town, this pressing issue can’t be solved unless everyone is working in harmony to help the community.

By solving local environmental issues, the positive effects spread farther than the border of our town or even state; maintaining balance in our ecosystem benefits people and animals all around the world. Although you may not think it’s not a big deal to throw your garbage out of the window, or use plastic bags every time you go grocery shopping, small changes to your life like buying tote bags, or using reusable water bottles can greatly benefit not only your town, but the entire ecosystem.