Senior Spotlight: Braden Fitzsimmons


Jane Holmes, Author

This year is like no other, going to school three days a week at most with lots of restrictions. Nothing is normal and it almost feels as though it will be this way forever. The graduating class of 2021 will be the students who everyone knows as the “class who graduated during the pandemic”. In the long run, it is a huge accomplishment to have achieved what they have achieved and experience what they have experienced. 

Senior Braden Fitzsimmons, a lacrosse player, was inspired by his brother to start playing the Lacrosse. Watching all of his games encouraged him to start playing the sport. He started playing lacrosse in third grade. He began with clinics and then shortly after that played competitively. 

When talking about his team Braden said, “We work really hard all season long to compete in the state tournament and hopefully end up on top.” 

Braden described his team as a “family”. The coaches, Mr. Brothers and Mr. Hemans, support the team and make it how it is. He said,“The thing I love most about lacrosse is the speed of the game. I love how fast you have to think while playing.” 

He has many lacrosse related memories, especially ones that will be kept forever. His most memorable one, according to Braden, was his game against New Providence, the first game of the season. He had his first varsity goal and it was a huge accomplishment and an amazing experience. Before this game, he had gone to the gym with some teammates and got “pumped” for the game by listening to music.  

In ten years, Braden sees himself not playing lacrosse, but focusing on achieving the goals that life has to offer. He hopes to study Business at St. John’s University, where he has been committed since the beginning of this year. 

He looks up to his father and appreciates the things he does for him. Braden said, “If I won the lottery the first thing I would do is buy my dad a shore house.” His dad is his biggest role model, and it shows. He works endlessly for Braden and his family and teaches them that the harder you work in life the farther you get.

 Braden thinks that his greatest weakness is his procrastination, but when it comes to Lacrosse, he does not procrastinate. He loves the sport because it is a fast game and it makes you think while you are in action. When asked what super power Braden would want he said, “Super speed would be dope”, and it would definitely get him far in his game. If he could never play lacrosse again, his second option would be basketball because it is his second favorite sport. 

During Braden’s high school career he has enjoyed many experiences and, although he does have many months until he graduates and goes on in life, he will keep some things in his heart. The lacrosse team had a great impact on Braden; they were his family for four years, and spending everyday with them during the season helps them form a very tight group of guys that will stick together forever. 

To the underclassmen Braden said, “Look up to and learn from the upperclassman. They have all the experience that you are about to go through in the next couple of years and they are there to help you out.”