Covid Closes Doors of High School

On November 10th, Dr. Neigel announced that Bernards High School would go all virtual for the next week. In a letter, Neigel states that from Wednesday, November 11th, to the following Wednesday the 18th. He was careful to not ensure the 18th as a set-in-stone date, as much could change in the span of seven days.

The letter today is a follow-up to a previous correspondence from Sunday in which the school notified students of a confirmed Covid-19 case at the high school. As a result of this case, staff who were considered “exposed” to the carrier and the virus began a quarantine yesterday.

Most of the history department along with scattered teachers and paraprofessionals – totaling fifteen staff members – coupled with other, unrelated teacher absences led to the school not being able to “sustain moving forward.”

Neigel talks about the “skeletal staff” with which the school is left and mentions how the school cannot guarantee a substitute or staff member in every teacher-less class. This situation forces the school’s hand in the decision of making the next week – or however long the staff stay in quarantine – all virtual.

An interesting note that Neigel made in the letter was regarding sports. He talks about how sporting practices and games are still allowed to continue. With football heading into an unprecedented post season and boys and girls soccer, among other fall sports, nearing the end of their seasons, the decision to not limit practices was a win.