March Madness cancelled due to COVID-19

March Madness cancelled due to COVID-19

As the Coronavirus continues to affect millions of people around the world, and bring horror to many families as well – it has astonished sports fans like never before.

The NBA and NHL have decided to suspend their respective seasons – putting the players lives and health will come before any game. The MLB pushed back opening day, and the MLS postponed its season as well. Reading the numerous tweets and reports about tournaments and leagues being suspended/canceled, the tweet that broke the hearts of many was the announcement of no March Madness tournament.

Every March, fans across the country gather around and discuss what their brackets look like: the Cinderella stories of the tournament, likely first and second round upsets, sleeper teams, and who they believe will win it all. March Madness is a time where admirers of basketball sit on their couch for 48 hours and watch endless games.

Without this year’s NCAA tournament, advertisement deals are lost, and the brand itself will have no income. Companies like All State, Capital One, Buffalo Wild Wings, and General Motors go all-in to expand their brands and look for infinite national spotlight. For instance, a restaurant like Buffalo WIld Wings, where many college basketball fans go to watch the games, has lost a fair amount of business due to the cancellation of the tournament. Without these endorsement deals the NCAA loses profit and it affects the association tremendously. March Madness is a time where some of the biggest businesses splash and increase their opportunity of new customers due to the tournament’s national spotlight. A major component of the tournament, and without it millions of dollars fall down the drain.

As for the players, the NCAA tournament is a chance for each individual to shine. Whether a guy is a top prospect in the NBA Draft who is looking to increase their draft stock, or a senior that wants to win for their college – everyone has the chance to be great. To the seniors especially, it is so much more than just an ordinary tournament. Without this year’s tournament, senior stars like Cassius Winston (Michigan State), Udoka Azubuike (Kansas), or Myles Powell (Seton Hall) unfortunately will not receive the opportunity to win a National Championship for their respective schools. A chance to be remembered forever and go down in the history books as the team that were crowned the kings of the dance. The Great Jim Valvano once said “To go from where you are to where you want to be: you have to be willing to work for it.” after his 1983 NC State Wolfpack team was a 6 seed and upset the 1 seeded Houston Cougars. Jimmy V’s powerful message after winning the ‘83 title exemplifies the tournament – and how meaningful it truly is to so many individuals.

Due to the outbreak of the Coronavirus, there will be no tournament, and because of this the businesses makes no income, the NCAA loses money, the fans are left empty – and the players most importantly lose the game they love so much.