Carly’s Corner

Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays to celebrate because it gives everyone an opportunity to express their appreciation towards their loved ones, and serves as a reminder on how important it is to be thankful on a regular basis. Often times, people have a hard time looking on the bright side and they do not understand how precious life is. I want you to look at the entire picture and imagine, what would life be like without family and friends? What if you were not able to attend high school because your parents could not afford it? It is essential to train our minds to be thankful for people who are around us. There are millions of reasons why each of us should grasp the components of gratitude. According to Positive Psychology, this information evidently proves that, “Expressing gratitude not only to others but also to ourselves, induces positive emotions, primarily happiness. By producing feelings of pleasure and contentment, gratitude impacts on our overall health and well-being as well.” When we have a positive frame of mind, we are encouraged to express gratitude instead of bitterness. Some examples of how to show thankfulness are: forgiving people who have hurt you, writing ‘thank you’ cards, expressing aloud or jotting down in a journal reasons why you are thankful, etc. Life has its challenges, but this should not prevent you from showing gratitude. You need to open your eyes and give thanks to what others have done for you.