Carly’s Corner: Finding Peace


Through Carly Zukowsky’s journey, her dream has always been to lift others up. Despite her enduring trials and tribulations than the average senior student, she is always smiling.

“To find peace, sometimes you have to be willing to lose your connection
with the people, places, and things that create all the noise in your life.”

Welcome back to another year of more fantastic memories, Bernards High! This year is a new beginning, the turning point of our story. Have you ever felt like your entire world is filled with stress? Well, I have been in your position many times before. Often times, our minds overthink certain situations and for most of us, we think about different possibilities. The mind is powerful and it knows how to push you to fall into anxiety. Peace is an important ingredient to life and it guides us to break away from toxic relationships. Life is too short to focus on “fitting in” with the right crowd, listening to others’ negative comments, etc. Sometimes, we need to let go of what is holding us back from experiencing happiness. Some relationships consist of mind games and manipulation. In order to have peace, we need to set our soul free and understand that it is okay to walk away. Life is beautiful in many mysterious ways, and when we learn to let go of things that are weighing us down, no matter how difficult that may be, we can learn to be peaceful within ourselves!