Fans are disappointed with new NBA2K20

Chris Reyda
Fans are disappointed with new NBA2K20

With a new school year coming along, the only thing most students are looking forward to is the new release of 2k. The fan favorite franchise has been making NBA games since 1999.

This year just does not hit right to the fans. Ronnie2k, the Digital Marketing Director at 2k, explained to fans about some new additions that will be added to the game this year. The only additions that fans have seen are a bunch of bugs and glitches.

Mac Myrtetus, an 8-year 2k veteran, said “The game is complete garbage! I can’t even go shirtless at 91 overall! Ronnie better fix this junk.”

#fix2k20 has been trending on Twitter for weeks since the release. It has been a nationwide issue on the fact that such a highly anticipated game is struggling to perform at its expectations.

Hugo Gini, a 4-year 2k veteran, said he’s not even “buying that trash…”
Many players are showing their extreme anger towards the franchise and want a resolution immediately.

Current updates and patches are on their way to help fix some of the issues. ‘Lagging’ and ‘Glitching’ are two major issues with the current patch. NBA2K tweeted out that they notice the problems and are working on a fix immediately.

With a new year of the franchise in the books, 2K has to do something for the players in order to fix this game. The community is advising all people to start spreading the #fix2k20 hashtag in order to send a message to the developers. To the developers reading this article, make a change. This game has been a fan-favorite for years and fans just want that 2k14 vibe.