The goal of the NFL London Series: expanding the game or expanding bank accounts?

Watching the NFL London game between the Titans, and the Ravens
Watching the NFL London game between the Titans, and the Ravens
Will SImpson

In 2007 the NFL Introduced the London series in order to branch the sport of football out to other nations around the world; this year the NFL has hosted three games in London. The first game was on October 7th and the Jaguars beat the Atlanta Falcons 23 to 7. The second game was played on October 8th between the Jacksonville Jaguars and the Buffalo Bills. The Jaguars prevailed 25 to 5. And, the third and final game was played on October 15th between the Baltimore Ravens and the Tennessee Titans. The Ravens ended up winning 24 to 16.

Although the London series is a great way for other nations to experience the sport of football, it also demonstrates how greedy the NFL is. According to the ticket smarter app, tickets for the London games can range anywhere from 141 dollars to 600 dollars. If a family of four goes to a game they could be spending almost 1000 dollars on the tickets alone. In addition to the cost of plane tickets, hotel rooms, and food; people could be spending thousands on a trip to London to watch a football game.

“The NFL claims they’re expanding the game, but in reality they’re just expanding their bank accounts,” Jagger McCredie ‘27.

In summary, the NFL claims that the purpose of the London series is to bring attention to football around the world. However, judging off of how much money they make, it is evident that they are still doing the London games for all the wrong reasons.

Owen Taylor ‘24 states, “The NFL London games were only meant to bring in money for the league.”

In November of this year the NFL is hosting multiple games in Germany, and It would not be surprising if those games bring in millions of dollars for the already affluent league. Furthermore, the NFL’s London Series only purpose is to bring in money.

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