Jada Smith and Will Smith show the consequences of being in the spotlight

People who gossip should realize the consequences of not respecting privacy
People who gossip should realize the consequences of not respecting privacy
Illustration by Danyl Ellerbusch

Celebrities’ privacy and the media is an ongoing battle many have been a victim of. From the Jada Pickett Smith interview releasing private information about her marriage with Will Smith to Joe Jonas and his recent divorce from Sophie Turner, and even Mariah Carey on Ellen are a few to name with their privacy seen to be invaded. Many fans and paparazzi have gone to extensive boundary-crossing behavior to gain confidential knowledge. 

Not long ago Jada Pickett Smith was interviewed by TODAY’s Hoda Kotb claiming that she and her husband, Will Smith, had gotten a divorce in 2016. As a viewer, we have seen celebrities post and reveal undisclosed details about someone else’s life in order to stay relevant. Nonetheless, the power of the internet has provided other statements of Jada’s that contradict the other comments. Additionally, viewers have posted videos of hers that were made to slander Will. Furthermore, her husband has gone out and tried to fix her mess by complimenting her. Funnily enough, days later Jada went onto another interview and clarified that the both of them have been fixing things behind the scenes. 

Ellen DeGeneres from The Ellen Show has a reputation of making celebrities uncomfortable during their interviews; Mariah Carey being no exception. In 2008, the rumors about her pregnancy were at an all-time high. Taking that opportunity, Ellen had brought out champagne and wanted to make a toast to her trying to expose what she was indeed expecting. Falling into her trap, the news was released. Unfortunately, weeks later Mariah came out with a public statement explaining that she miscarried. DeGeneres only saw the amount of views and money that the episode would create not realizing that she just caused somebody to go through a traumatic experience. 

“Celebrities’ lives and privacy are being invaded every day and there must be security measures to fix this,” said Rhea Moore ‘27.

Insiders disclosed footage and private information about Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner’s divorce/child custody dispute causing chaos. Turner had originally found out about the divorce through the media and not her husband. At his concert in Los Angeles, he decided to speak out against the latest news, once the backlash and rumors against him had peaked. The leaks forced both of them to publically speak out when neither intended to. 

“Paparazzi constantly following them around trying to pry into their private lives and not treating them like human beings is unacceptable,” said Joann Kuate ‘27.

Time and time again celebrities’ classified information has been violated and leaked producing an uproar in social media outlets and news sources to gain money. The media fails to remember that public figures are people too.  

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