Love is Blind: A Very Rocky Start to Paradise

A new and highly anticipated season of Love is Blind released
A new and highly anticipated season of “Love is Blind” released

The new season of Love is Blind premiered on September 22, 2023. The beloved show includes more drama than ever, from talk of a recent cheater to couples falling apart on their vacation together.

Uche and Aaliyah, a controversial couple on the show, have gone through a rocky relationship. While in the pods, Uche voices that honesty and loyalty are very important to him. In addition to this, his love interest, and strongest connection, Aaliyah, shares that she has cheated before. Although she has made some questionable decisions, she still feels remorse, and owns up to her mistake. Uche then shames her, which makes her cry so much that she has to leave the pods. He is the one in the wrong because he should not be taking his anger out on someone who is just trying to be truthful with him.

Uche also has cheated, but says it wasn’t a big deal because he was young and it was just a kiss. Just because he was young doesn’t mean this is excusable. Aaliyah should not be harangued for something that they both did. These hurtful words make her feel uncomfortable and mistreated.

Abi Miranda ‘26 said, “Uche is in the wrong because he also made mistakes and cheated, like Aaliyah, but he berated her and made her feel bad about herself over something that she feels extremely sorry for.”

“I do not agree with their relationship because they don’t seem compatible,” said Soleil Meiner ‘24, “I think that they are only trying to make their relationship work because they want to make it further on the show. They are not right for each other because they have already gotten into multiple fights in just the few days they have shared together in the pods.”

It seems unlikely that Uche and Aaliyah could never have a genuine relationship together since their short time together has already consisted of so much conflict. They will not be able to share a life together with all of their conflicting views on important matters.

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