The Fox show, “The Masked Singer,” eliminates TV’s Biggest Villain

Tom Sandoval singing I Aint Worried by OneRepublic as the Diver
Tom Sandoval singing “I Ain’t Worried” by OneRepublic as the Diver

Recently, the popular television series “The Masked Singer” unmasked the “Diver” as Tom Sandoval. Not long ago Tom Sandoval, known for his role in the show “Vanderpump Rules,” had been exposed for having an eight month affair with co-star Raquel Leviss, cheating on fellow co-star and his girlfriend of nine years, Ariana Madix. The viewers were able to see Tom and his attempts of “explaining” that his actions should be excused due to her grief and not paying enough attention to him. Throughout the entire tenth season the cameras caught Sandavol lying to Madix about where he’s been while she has been mourning her grandmother that recently passed gaining the nicknames “TV’s Biggest Villain” and “Tom Scandoval,” which has accumulated over a billion views on TikTok. Ever since Ariana had found proof in his phone that he has been unfaithful,many people on the internet have spoken out about the show including Sandoval and his recent activity.

Once his mask had been taken off, the audience took to different social media platforms to express their opinions. Majority of the comments were upset that he has been ignoring the problems that have been created. His affair caused Leviss to get no contact orders with the cast. Instead of trying his hardest to try to fix his problems, he has done multiple interviews placing the blame on nearly everybody else but himself. Shockingly, both of the girls were blamed for his affair that he did not intend to take place.

Inspired by the way one of his friends’ breakups had occurred, Tom explained on his podcast that he wanted to do the opposite and have a clean breakup. Instead, the complete opposite happened. His statement was clearly false due to the long ongoing affair with his girlfriend’s best friend. No matter how hard he tries to spin it in a positive light, the effects have negatively impacted all parties involved.

On the other hand, some say that since Tom had the right idea then it is alright and his actions are not reciprocated to the way he thinks about Madix. While onstage after getting eliminated, he explained “This was so much fun. Being able to come out here and perform behind a mask, not being judged, and just being judged on my performance, it was really nice.”

On the contrary, Sabiyah Ayube ‘27 stated, “I think he should have at least broken up with his girlfriend instead of constantly lying and hurting her. Cheating is bad, the lowest of lows.”

Comments under his posts promoting his other projects include “Ariana used that breakup to try and destroy Tom but it’s not working. Tom is still a good guy and he doesn’t deserve the hatred because he broke up with her. Tom has the drive and determination to survive” and “Proud of you.” Many are defending his appearance, clarifying that joining the show has been able to distract himself and start fresh, away from all of the drama.

The other side of the “The Masked Singer” audience are furious that Tom is seemingly taking away the spotlight that his ex-girlfriend has due to her being a contestant on Dancing with the Stars. One Instagram user commented on his post: “Why would you support this guy” and another commented under the show’s post: “The diver is the awful, narcissistic Tom Sandoval.”

Victoria Barrios ‘27 explained, “He didn’t just break his relationship but also destroyed the bond that she and her friend had which is even worse.”

The appearance has caused many diverse viewers to take sides between Tom Sandoval, Ariana Madix, and Raquel Leviss. Even though more information is continuously coming out about the situation, the Fox show has ignored it all and continues to thrive.

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