Change comes to BHS as the Garden Club is formed


Allison Snyder

Everything one would need to know before joining the BHS Garden Club

As the 2022-2023 school year comes to a close, change arises at Bernards High School, as a new club is introduced. The Garden Club is a club dedicated to beautifying BHS using gardening. English Teacher Allison Snyder is the founder and supervisor of this club.

So far, there are 31 members of this club. No meetings have been held for the Garden Club yet, but there are plans to meet in either May or June of 2023 in order to discuss ideas and future accomplishments for next school year. Mrs. Snyder explains that while there is no set room for meetings yet, there is not much need for one as projects will take place in various locations. As of now, however, meetings will most likely occur in room #B303, Mrs. Snyder’s classroom.

Mrs. Snyder shares, “I look forward to the opportunity to share my passion for plants with the students of BHS while making our green spaces more beautiful!”

The club hopes to dedicate more space around BHS to gardens. Elizabeth Chen ‘26 said, “The Garden Club is a group of designers that will make the school campus into a beautiful one while contributing to the environment!” Anyone who is passionate about gardening or is looking for a new hobby should consider joining this club. Mrs. Snyder explains that she is enthusiastic to “bring one of her passions to her second family” here at BHS, especially one such as this.

Most of the club members have joined the Garden Club because they enjoy gardening and enriching the community. Members share their enthusiasm for wanting to become more experienced in gardening, while at the same time, also making the school campus more visually appealing.

Elizabeth explains that one of the reasons she wants to participate in Garden Club is because “we get to design/decorate the school with plants and flowers and make some dull spots into a place full of beauty.”

As of now, the leadership role of president will be going to Iniya Saravanan ‘25. Mrs. Snyder compliments Iniya, saying that “[she hasn’t] met anyone more passionate about plants.”

Iniya said “[she is] honored to have the opportunity to lead and be part of such a passionate group of individuals who share a common love for the environment and taking care of and growing plants.”

Iniya explains that this will not be the same as the Green Team, another club with relations to the environment at BHS. Mrs. Snyder says that while Green Team is dedicated to helping the environment, Garden Club is more for the purpose of beautifying and gardening. While both clubs aim to create a better environment, Elizabeth adds that “Green Team is the sustainer and Garden Club is the designer.”

Iniya adds that the club’s mission not only includes environmental sustainability, but also works on cleaning and enhancing the school’s courtyards and advancing the knowledge of the Garden club members about various plants.

If one wants to be a part of this club, they can join the google classroom using the code mvclqdx. Joining the Garden Club can be a fun way to learn about gardening and perhaps find a new hobby. Members of this club will also contribute to making Bernards High School more pleasing to the eye