Fans urge Taylor Swift to “Speak Now” about current rumors


Julia Haas

Taylor Swift’s cover for upcoming release of “Speak Now (Taylor’s Version)”

After Taylor Swift’s break up in April, rumors have only been growing from there about her relationship status, new album, and other literary works.

The end of Taylor’s relationship with Joe Alwyn went public in early April 2023, which was only a little over a month ago. Fans on TikTok believe that Joe and Taylor broke up in the middle of writing her album, Midnights. From writing songs like “Lavender Haze”, about her relationship with Alwyn and how the public won’t stay out of it, compared to “Midnight Rain”, with lyrics like, “I was midnight rain… He wanted it comfortable… I wanted that pain… He wanted a bride… I was making my own name… Chasing that fame… He stayed the same… All of me changed… Like midnight”. So have Taylor and Joe been broken up for a month? Or have they been broken up for a while? Even still, she’s rumored to now be dating singer, Matty Healy, which most fans are not so excited about.

The rumors about Healy and Swift dating have been whirring for a few weeks, but most fans are concerned about the couple because of Healy’s controversy in 2020, after tweeting “racist” and “misogynistic” things, claims The Mary Sue. On a TikTok, created by @eleanorazefirst, stated that while at one of the Era’s shows, she was standing in front of the booth which not only both of Taylor’s parents would be watching, but also Matty Healy himself. The creator of the TikTok claims that when someone yelled, “Matt, blink twice if you and Taylor are dating!”, that’s what he did. They’ve been seen walking around New York City together, and Matty has shown up to a great deal of her shows. So, are Taylor and Matty really dating? Or are they doing it for the press?

On another note, Taylor Swift officially announced her Speak Now (Taylor’s Version) album on May 5th. While the album is set to be released on July 7th, fans are wondering about something else being released on a sooner date… A memoir? Swifties have noticed that an undisclosed book is being released on June 13th, as a 13 hour audiobook, and 544 pages (5+4+4=13). Have you noticed all the thirteens? It just so happens that the number thirteen is Taylor’s favorite number.

Even when announcing Speak Now TV, she addressed her fans with “Dear Reader,”. With these theories spindling through the fan base, many have already preordered the mystery book. Let’s hope that Taylor will continue to be her mastermind self and keep dropping hints, because if you’re asking fans if they believe any of these rumors, many would say I Almost Do.