Pops Night takes the audience back to the 80’s


Julia Haas

Ayla Johnson singing Faithfully by Journey at the BHS 2023 Pops Night

On April 27th, Bernard’s High School held their annual Pops Night, and this year’s theme was 80’s. This event is one of the most anticipated of the year, where parents and students alike gather to watch the school choir perform songs chosen by both them and the teacher.

Pops Night is not just a musical performance, but a celebration of their dedication and hardwork to both the school and choir, as is their choir director, Bernards High School’s own Mr. LaPine.

The students dressed up into their 80’s outfits and not only performed their songs, but also involved skits and fun 80’s trivia along with it. Some songs performed were: Total Eclipse of the Heart by Bonnie Tyler, Billie Jean by Michael Jackson, and a crowd favorite, Call Me by Blondie performed by Kaley Welsh.

Ayla Johnson ‘25 explained that, “[They] had practiced in class for a few months.” Johnson also gave some information about what it was like backstage, explaining that it “was really nerve-wracking, we just stood behind the curtain, and it was kind of awkward, but we were all communicating with each other in the back.”

Johnson also reported that she was, “Really scared… because [she] was so nervous for [her] solo… There were just a lot of nerves going around”.

The choir put so much effort and dedication into performing this concert for the school. The concert was not put on just for the students, but for everyone, and so that it would inspire as well as remind us of the hard work and passion we have for music, that in the end brings us all together.

Throughout all of the performances, every single one of them touched the audience and brought out this love for music that we all have inside, and maybe even brought out a nostalgic feeling for those in the audience, or introduced this brilliant music for those who have never heard it before. Bernards High School looks forward to what the choir puts on next.