Sports media and its effects on high school and college athletes


Bryce Babich

Sophomore Ari Rosen who has helped many high school athletes with his photography

Ari Rosen, Sports Editor

With social media becoming more popular, sports media has followed in its footsteps and become a big part of the sports world. This is effective not only in the professional world, but on the local level. With sports players from our high school embarking on a way to reach out and get their name out there. Nowadays on social media platforms you can see many  different kinds of sports pages promoting all sports. Whether you are looking at big platforms like House of Highlights or Sports Center where they look at and cover more popular sports. 

 After years of heated debate, NIL (Name Image Likeness) was introduced to the collegiate sports world on June 30th 2021, back where players could get financial aid off their names. It opened up a whole new opportunity for college and high school players to make money off their name. NIL came with lots of controversy, yet it helped lots of big and small name athletes become more recognizable. The deals can come because of Social Media and these deals can be life changing for some players. Getting their name out to the world as well as making money to help support themselves. NIL can be made through partnerships with different social media platforms. 

Thanks to NIL small business and collegiate players and partners to help both sides of the deal. Senior Gregg Ferreira who is playing college soccer at Rowan university next year shared his thoughts on NIL: “I think it’s a really cool opportunity for all college athletes who have been hard their whole lives to be able to give back and support local business through media.” According to Sports Business, social media has been “dominating” NIL. Nearly three quarters of all NIL activity comes from social media. The way social media has been designed with NIL is perfect for showing what it’s like to be a college athlete. 

A few years ago before NIL was allowed, a youtuber by the name “Destroying” would document his life as a football player at UCF. The NCAA did not allow him to further his content and gave him a choice to choose football or YouTube. Ultimately he chose to continue his YouTube career. Destroying started the trend for influencers in the college world. He created a whole new wave of how media is seen in the college and sports world. He is just one of many examples of how Sports and the new forms of media turned out to be so successful.