Review of “The Super Mario Bros. Movie”


Olivia Highland

“The Super Mario Bros. Movie” poster, the movie is now playing in theaters


In the mood to watch a new movie? The recently released new movie, The Super Mario Bros. Movie, may be what you’re looking for. This new film is produced by Nintendo and Illumination companies. This computer animated film is full of adventure and comedy and is sure to attract families and kids of all ages.

The two main characters include Mario and Luigi, who are Italian plumbers from Brooklyn, New York. The brothers decide to embark on a new adventure but unfortunately are sucked into a Warp Pipe and sent away separately. Mario arrives in the Mushroom Kingdom while Luigi lands in the Dark Lands. The Dark Lands are ruled by King Koopa who wants to kidnap Princess Peach and win her love in order to take over the Mushroom Kingdom. The king uses Luigi against his brother Mario who he sees as competition for Princess Peach’s love. While in Mushroom Kingdom, King Bowser, along with Mario, Peach, Toad, and the Kongs, start to battle, which begins to turn into chaos and get out of control.

As the fight continues Mario and Donkey Kong plummet but are unfortunately eaten by an eel – like Maw – and tell the citizens of Mushroom Kingdom to evacuate. Luckily,Mario comes up with an idea to escape: by riding Donkey Kong’s Kart, and hurries to Bowser and Peach’s wedding. When Mario arrives at the wedding, he reunites with Luigi and they are able to stop Browser from marrying Princess Peach’s and destroying Mushroom Kingdom. As a result, Mario and Luigi end up taking down Browser and winning the battle afterall.

The movie sold over 500 million copies in only two weeks and ended up being very successful Overall, it is a movie that people should take their kids to their local movie theater to watch.