Taylor Swift entitled to privacy following her breakup


Gianna Galesi

Lyrics from Taylor Swift’s “Paris” on her recent album “Midnights.”

On April 8 rumors quickly spread that singer-songwriter, Taylor Swift, and actor, Joe Alwyn, had broken up.

Entertainment Tonight was the first to report on the news, and CNN quickly followed up with confirmation from a source close to Swift who said, “Taylor and Joe broke up a few weeks ago. They simply grew apart and plan to remain friends.”

Fans of Taylor Swift immediately took to social media expressing their sadness. Although, many went a step too far.

After several public relationships and breakups, Swift kept her relationship with Alwyn private. Swift addressed her choice in a relationship away from the spotlight in songs dedicated to Alwyn.

Swift wrote, “Privacy sign on the door, and on my whole page, and on the whole world. Romance is not dead if you keep it just yours” in her song “Paris” from her most recent album release, “Midnights.”

“Privacy sign on the door, and on my whole page, and on the whole world. Romance is not dead if you keep it just yours” in her song “Paris”

— Taylor Swift

These lines, along with many others, expressed her desire to maintain a private relationship without constant speculation and opinions from those outside the relationship, as she has faced in the past. Responses to the alleged split between Swift and Alwyn has shed light on the fact that the privacy of celebrities has been disrespected and is in need of change.

When pursuing a career in an industry like film or music it is known that those interested will be thrown into the spotlight. However, a desire for fame does not always coincide with an interest in their every move being broadcasted for millions to see. With little respect from paparazzi for personal space, celebrities are constantly brought face-to-face with a camera when just trying to go about their day.

While some celebrities choose to share their personal life to the world, others hope that only their work remains in headlines. The choice is ultimately theirs to be made and must be respected, especially by those who claim to be supporters.

An article from “The Perspective” further expresses that it is “unfair to expect them to give up their rights to privacy and completely let the public into their private lives.

Not only do celebrities lose privacy of personal relationships, but many have had personal information, such as home addresses, leaked for anyone to find.

Celebrities already face scrutiny for just being in the spotlight, they should not also have to leave in fear that someone can find their home with something as simple as a Google search.

Now more than ever it is easy for information to spread rapidly. People must be more cautious, and remember that even though most celebrities choose a career in the spotlight, they do not wish for their personal life to be there as well.

Celebrities are real people too. When they are faced with a devastating event they must be allowed time to heal and reflect, just as anyone else is. No one should be forced to exploit personal details.