Artist of the Issue: Sophia Ford

Photo Courtesy of Sophia Ford
Photo of a silhouette of a tree during the sunset

This month’s artist of the issue was awarded to senior Sophia Ford. Sophia was awarded the spotlight for her photography. She started photography during her freshman year. She has taken all the photography courses offered at BHS like, Digital Photography, Photoshop, Digital Imaging, Photo Workshop, and is currently taking AP Art and Design. She is the only senior currently at the school who has taken all the courses offered.

Although she isn’t majoring in photography she shared, “I would love to pursue [photography] in the future. I may take a photography minor or join the graphic design club at College of Charleston where I’m going next year.”

She also explained that her most memorable moment with photography she has had was at the 2022 Starbucks Photo Contest. She had three different people that wanted to purchase her photo for almost $200 and shared, “It was truly an amazing feeling.” Another opportunity she has had because of photography was this year she took the senior superlative photos for the yearbook.

When asked who inspired her to pursue photography she shared, “Mr. Babicke the former photography teacher at BHS, inspired me to pursue photography. Although Mr. Babicke has retired, I’m so glad Ms. Crisman has pushed me to my full potential and helped me succeed in my final year of photography at BHS.” She also included that without both Ms. Crisman and Mr. Babicke she wouldn’t be where she is today, and she is extremely grateful for everything they have shown and done for her.

To the right of this article are two photos she has taken in the past. One is a silhouette of a tree during the sunset, while the other one is a photograph of a road surrounded by trees. It is obvious that Sophia has a lot of talent when it comes to photography, and we cannot wait to see what else she has accomplished.