New courses to be welcomed next academic year



Student Scarlett Campbell works on her computer during class

Every year, the curriculum offers the same selection of electives that students are able to take during the following school year. Going forward, the school is now offering new elective course options for students who are interested in learning a variety of different topics. The new classes that will be offered are titled “Untold Histories”, “Law Civics and Citizenship”, and “Music Exploration”.

“Untold Histories” will be a history elective that includes the history of the world which is not detailed in students’ standard classes of World History I, US History I, and US History II.. As most students’ standard history classes are eurocentric, this class will provide stories and explanations about other topics that are not routinely covered. High school students usually cover World War 1, The Holocaust, Cold war, Etc. But this class digs deeper into each detail which students don’t usually cover in class.

“Law, Civics, and Citizenship” will be another history elective that teaches students the basic knowledge that one should know as a citizen of the United States. Students will be able to learn about their rights and what it means to be a US citizen.

“Music Exploration” will be a visual and performing arts elective. This interactive course allows students to discover their natural music abilities, which they might not have discovered previously. This class will teach students how music has affected the world and allow students to gain insight about a range of different types of music. These new course options will give students the ability to vary their schedule and gain new knowledge. A lot of students are excited to have these new course options and are excited to take them!

Jessica Fu ‘26 shared that “I think that these classes are a great opportunity for students to be able to learn about topics that they might not have learned about if these classes were not brought into our curriculum.”

Although BHS electives already contain a multitude of classes to choose from, these new options will bring about a good change to schedules. Since new class options will be added, students can become proficient in a new, different topic that interests them and would not have been learnt otherwise. In adding these new classes, students will be able to expand their classes and educate themselves on interesting and exciting topics. The addition of these electives to the classes available at BHS may also open the door and increase the new classes that one would be able to take at this school.