Mid season intramural update


Coach Rj Bubnowski lecturing Charlie Gonella in Seaton halls game

Ari Rosen, Sports Editor

Throughout the first few weeks of the intramural season, there has been a clear favorite, which began at the start of the season. Trades have also been a major reason for such a tight contest. Georgetown started out 0-2 with some clear internal problems. After that, going into their next,game stars Gabe Morales and Fernando Collado wanted out. Since then Georgetown has gone on a four game winning streak with their most noticeable win coming against the previously undefeated Morehead State. Everything is clicking right now for Georgetown as Gabe has been on fire leading the way for his team. Greg Ferreira on Georgetown’s recent performances; “ We have more to prove we are not done yet.”  On the other side of the standings, the winless Virginia Tech, where all their losses have come from four points or less, finally picked up their first win against the prestiges seton hall. Danny Fergouson had the game high of 10 points. Seton Hall was the team to watch with front runner for mvp connor laverty leading the way. Connor has been nothing short of excellence during the season so far. Going into the season with very low expectations, Seton Hall has exceeded all the expectations. Morehead State has also been a team to watch, led by junior Ryan Gaglione. Ryan’s performances have led Morehead State to where they are now. Morehead State has exceeded expectations just as Seton Hall did. Colorado went into the season with very high expectations and have not met them yet. Colorado has been hit with the injury plague as they lost star  2nd round pick Logan Marks. They also had internal problems with Freshman Montie Dougles. Colorado Captain Jacob “Taejin” Beckerman on what has happened so far during the season;“I have had an outstanding season but my teammates are not backing me up. We are going to look to the trade block to get a spark and make a run for a championship.” Recently trading for senior Zach Cohen could he be that spark? Taejin is also averaging around 10 points per game.  Penn State’s 3-3 record is thanks to the cousin duo Terance and Tommy Hanraty as well as Captain Julin Martinez. The recent addition of Montie Dogless should help them make a playoff run. What we have learned so far is that first place is anybody’s game and it should be an executing finish.