MLB preview 2023


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Another MLB season is upon us with some new and exciting rules. To start it off the MLB is implementing a new pitch clock, bigger bases, and the banning of the shift. The MLB has spent many years experimenting these adjustments in the minor leagues and have finally decided to bring it into the big leagues. The new pitch timer is 15 seconds in between at bats without runners on the base, and 20 seconds with runners on base. The new rule not only affects the pitcher but the batter as well, the batter timeout per plate appearance and has to be in the batter’s box, during the entirety of the at bat. During the at bat pitchers get two disengagements (pickoff or step off attempts) and any violation of the rules is a balk. In the Minors these new rules led to 26% increase in stolen bases, and the pitcher timer helped reduce games by 25 minutes.

The new shift rules say that two infielders must be on either side of second base when the pitch is released. All four infiders must have both within the infield when the pitcher is on the mound. While testing these out in the Minors, it showed to improve batting average, while giving the opportunity for players to show off their athleticism. First, second, and third base all increased in size from 15 inches to 18 inches. The distance from home plate to first base was reduced by 3 inches and 4.5 inches from first base to second and second base to third.

In the Minor league season bigger bases reduced injury by 13 percent. The MLB is trying its best to speed up the pace of the game to draw in more viewership. They also want to reduce the risk of injuries as much as possible.

After coming off an exciting season winning the World Series, the Houston Astros once again come in as favorites to win back to back World Series Championships. The New York Mets are starting off the year with the second best odds to win, with the Yankees, Dodgers, and Braves also having good odds to win it all.

Some new faces are going to be seen around the league with big name superstars going to new teams. Jacob Degrom was the biggest move of the offseason, leaving the Mets after multiple years and signing a massive contract with the Texas Rangers. Carlos Corea went through a rollercoaster of an off season after failing his physical with the San Francisco Giants and then signing with the New York Mets. He would then fail his physical again, ending his short time with the Mets. He would end up back with the Minnesota Twins. Justin Verlnader signed a deal with the Mets to reunite with his former teammate, Max Scrhezer.

These were just some of the moves and news that went on in one of the craziest offseasons in MLB history.