The student news site of Bernards High School

The Crimson

The student news site of Bernards High School

The Crimson

The student news site of Bernards High School

The Crimson

Behind the scenes of the Crimson

“There’s a reason [The Crimson] has been around for about 100 years.

— Ari Rosen

On March 13, 1928, the first issue of the Crimson newspaper was issued, meaning that the Crimson has been around for nearly 95 years. Since then, the newspaper has evolved immensely. The size and layout of the paper have evolved as well as the print now being in standard newspaper format. In addition, color was introduced to some sections of the printed paper. In 2014 the online paper was established by Jake Rosen and in 2021 the podcasts were founded by Shane Rich.

Matthew Lesnik ‘23, one of the editors-in-chief states, “the podcasts are important because they are a way to modernize journalism.” As editor-in-chief, Matthew explains that his role is to lead and help the Crimson staff as well as introduce new ideas to them.

An editor-in-chief, Sydney Kaul ‘23 explains, “Journalism is important because it represents the student body, covers local events, and gives the students a voice.”

Generally, the newspaper issues every month and the podcast are produced sporadically. The podcast timeframe relies on the time taken to complete the interviews, edit the content and upload podcasts to spotify and the crimson website. In comparison, the writing process includes pitching articles, drafting, editing, and layout which take about 12 school days to complete. Writers need to make sure that their topics are timely, relevant, and important to them. “The topic being personal to the writer adds value to the article,” states Sydney.

The staff size has also increased dramatically, being about 12 members in 2013 and having more than 50 by 2023. With the numbers of the staff increasing, so does the content of the news. With a larger staff, more timely and relevant articles are able to be written and published. “The staff members are able to efficiently produce issues in a timely manner,” mentions Mrs. Hunkele, the teacher managing the Crimson classroom.

The layout is essential to the newspaper. “Layout attracts readers and appeals to a larger audience,” Sydney explains.

Staff members are encouraged to choose topics relevant to Bernardsville, as they can be relatable to readers. Writers consider important changes in the community as well as relatable topics to report. It is also necessary to consider the depth of the topic. Writers have to ensure that their issues include enough information to write a substantial article.

Contributing to the Crimson Newspaper is an important task and all staff members are diligent writers who put a lot of time into each issue. They deserve to be recognized for the contributions they make as well as the time they put into making sure readers enjoy the content of the newspaper.

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